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Cryolancer is an endless SHMUP where you can freeze enemies to make them crash into eachother.

You fly from the left to the right side of the screen. Shoot enemies, score points, die, repeat.

Use arrow keys to move and the Z, X and C keys for shooting stuff. Alternatively, you can use the WASD and Numpad 1, 2 and 3 keys.

Z - Main weapon, never not be shooting it

X - Cryoshot, freezes the first thing it hits, requires one energy bar

C - Cryobeam, freezes everything it touches, requires two energy bars

Use your special freezing attacks to make enemies crash into each other.

Replenish your energy by shooting enemies, bigger ones yield more energy.

Enemies can also drop power-ups that replenish health, energy or temporarily enhance your main weapon.

The game is technically endless; it will keep going and spawn new enemy waves as long as you stay alive. You will have pretty much seen all the content after 10 minutes or so though.


Cryolancer 1.2.zip 30 MB

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