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Thank you for a hole different experience in gaming .


This was nice. Ran very nicely and a great story. Even some Blackadder jokes in the trenches maybe ?  Very well done... :)

Great little experience, love the little Discworld touches to it. It is too rarely that we get to control a sweet old man in videogames. Keep up the good work, looking forward to your next project!

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Your download link is broken. Edit: nevermind works now

Very well done. The poor guy didn't get his coffee though.

A great little game! I figured out the twist as soon as I saw the horse, and there were a few places where I could see (and at one point fall off of) the edge of the map. The old man has some great style, though, and the sound design and general aesthetic are excellent. "It's a 1:1 model" made me laugh out loud. I wish I'd had more time to get to know him...

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WOW is all I can say. This game caught me by surprise. Thank you for this piece of art. Souvenir Gameplay

Thanks for playing, I'm glad the game resonated with you!

Very nice, although the slowness is nearly unbearable.


There are both some artistic and technical reasons for the movement speed, but I understand where you are coming from. I'm happy you liked it enough to play through to the end though!