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In Match Arcana you take control of a young mage who must travel the world until they are strong enough to face an evil necromancer that has cursed the land.

Match Arcana combines exploring a randomly generated world, text-based events and a battle system built around match-three puzzle game-play.

Fantasy world under siege Try to stay ahead of an curse that consumes the land until you are strong enough to face the evil necromancer responsible.

Exploration and discovery As you travel the world you will encounter many different text based events. The can range from being ambushed by bandits, bartering with a strange hermit and dealing with restless spirits at the local graveyard.

Spell slinging battles Not every encounter will be peaceful, instead throwing you into magic duels with a variety of enemies. Match different mana gems to power your spells, or use weapon gems to attack your opponent directly.

Character progression Grow stronger as you emerge victorious in battle, and invest in your magic to make it more powerful. Collect dozens of spells from six different spell schools, and collect gear that will help you both inside and outside of battle.

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